Sunday, February 8, 2009

I've Been Tagged

Thanks, Biancka.....

The rules are link back to who tagged me (Biancka), and list 6 things about me. Ugh. Thanks, Sweetie (hopefully, they don't have to be interesting things!)

1.I have ADD (attention deficit disorder), and flit from one thing to another. But somehow, I always come back to photography in one form or another. (Including a dark room of my own years ago). I only found out I had this in the last 10 certainly explained alot to me.

2. I have 2 children ..... a girl and a boy....and they each have 2 children.....a girl and a boy. And they all call me "Goofy". I don't know

3. I have written 3 books, 2 on rubber stamping, and 1 on scrapbooking.......and now I want nothing to do with either of those things....except digital scrapbooking (I told you I jump from one thing to another).

4. I love bright colors, fun things including toys and dolls, and odd, out of place things (like in the Bahamas once, among the charming stores and cobblestone roads was a McDonalds....I had to take a picture.....and that is what I remember most).

5. I think I'm introverted and extroverted......I'm happiest around people, and I'm happiest home alone with my computer......go figure.

6.Biancka said she had more virtual friends than real life friends.....and just last night when my husband was looking at my blog, he wanted to know who all these people were.....I said they were my virtual friends, and was very popular in "outer space".....I do love you guys.

And now to tag 5 others:






Thanks again to Biancka, and all my friends in this great challenge. I am learning so much from all of you!


  1. heloo ;) nice to meet you closer thank you for tagging me ;D

    and I wanted to share some links with you.
    I use Photoshop cs2 and use these programs for photo retouch

    there is many free actions here :

    I also remember about the tutorial ;)

    have a great day !

  2. You and Biancka aren't alone. I think I have more online friends than real life ones, too!

  3. Just six things about me, doesn't have to be interesting? (LOL)! I'll see what I can come up with again.

    Sounds like you have accomplished a lot, Michelle, and I've always read that artistic types do that (flit from one thing to the next - maybe all artists have ADD LOL).

    I'm suspecting that my son has ADD and the counselors are telling me it is usually diagnosed at 8-12 years, and not recommending medication at all. So frustrating! How do you deal with yours?

    I'm behind as I've had computer troubles.