Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day Fifty-Six: Back in Iowa

My son and his family are coming down to Iowa to visit my daughter and family. The thought of being "stuck" in one house for a couple of days with my 4 grandchilden is the best birthday present I could get.

I drove down yesterday because there is a big storm coming, and I didn't want to drive in bad weather. My son and family will come tomorrow night, hopefully after the "weather" has passed.

I got here last night and my photo is of the two of them ready for bed. My crazy little Max had to put on his 2 new sunglasses and summer hat.....they are going on a cruise, and summer clothes are coming in to the house. Max loves his "accessories".

I merged 2 pictures together.....because Josie was just getting over being sick, and in most photos she still looked sick. Well, looking at this picture she still looks sick!

So this is a "Welcome to Iowa from Josie and Max".......and the best was, my daughter called me 3 times while I was driving in to find out how close I was because they couldn't wait. Oh, the joy of grandchildren!!!

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