Saturday, February 7, 2009

Day Thirty - Seven: Reality or Art or Neither?

Am I losing touch with reality?
I went with my dh today to visit his father in the nursing home. My father-in-law is 94, and just came back from the hospital after surgery. He is an amazing man.....he is sharp as a tack. And he just keeps bouncing back from health issues.

I told my dh that I wanted to take pictures if Ty was up to it. I had even imagined him sitting in his chair near a window with the light coming thru.

I was thrilled when there he was in his chair by the window near the blinds.....just as I had imagined for some great pictures.

Even tho' he was in pain, he was thrilled I was taking pictures.

When I got home, I processed the pictures in Photoshop and then printed out pictures of my husband and his father in bw and color. I was so proud. I showed him the pictures I had printed out in 5x7. He said:

"Well, these didn't come out very good, did they?"


  1. You tell him they did turn out good! I don't think they understand the artistic side to photography! I think they just expect to see the normal, everyday color photographs. Both of them turned out great, Michele - it's not you!

    How great to be 94 and still "with it"!

  2. Oh honey I think they are so sweet! I agree some people just dont get it. My mom doesn't understand anything about creative cropping or moody photos.

  3. I think they turned out beautifully! I especially love the b/w one! Gorgeous!

  4. Your photos turned out beautifully! Great job - you should be proud!

  5. lmao That would be something heard in my house too. We don't always agree on what we think are "good". I think they are great pics - he looks great, especially if he just came back from the hospital. I didn't look that upbeat after my stay! lol

  6. LOL! Oh, that sounds exactly like what my husband might say!

    Those photos are beautiful! Love the creative lighting.

  7. I think they turned out awesome! I so love the photo of your father-in-law with the sun shining on his face. Beautiful!

  8. Michele, you were tagged....



  9. I think they look great...especially the black and white one!
    I did a Christmas photo of myself for my was an 8x10 candid shot from my wedding. I'm in my dress and holding my dad turned it B&W but left the color in the flowers...I thought it was awesome and was so excited to give it to her for Christmas. When she opened it, she said "Oh that's good. I wish you had done it in color."
    So, yeah....some people don't get it. :)