Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day Forty-Four: Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. I hope everyone has a love-filled, happy day.
My day started out this morning coming down to make my coffee. And, as usual, my dh had a card waiting for me at the coffee machine. He is such a sweetie, and always remembers. (I of course, had to move the card and open it. Then make my coffee. Then take a picture!)
I did not forget it was Valentine's Day today. But, as usual, I was too lazy to get a card for my dh. So, this morning (in my defense, I decided to do this last night.....well, I decided, I didn't do it), I went downstairs, cut out the heart, wrote on it, and had one of the dolls hold it. I put it on the sofa in the living room so he would see it!
I know, very very lame. Especially, since he is not crazy about the say the least....and so they are way downstairs usually. I had to bring it up, and put it in his face this morning.

I did, however, plan ahead for the grandkids. I made 4 paper bag books, titled "8 Reasons We Love You". I sent two of them the other day to Josie and Max in Iowa. Tonight I will bring these two for Sam and Annalee when we go over for pizza.
It's so much fun to have this private diary so no one but me knows how lazy I can be.
So I'm now locking this diary so no one can read it!!! More tomorrow, dear diary.


  1. LOL! You are so funny! I did remember to get my hubby a card this year. He was the one that forgot! He ran to the store for me this morning to get milk and came back with the card on my blog and a GIGANTIC bag of Hershey's Kisses. LOVE the doll holding the card for your hubby. That is so something I would do!

  2. I love the doll that holds the heart. Eventhough your husband isnt crazy about them....he should love the message :)

    We do celebrate Valentine's over here. I got a card as well :) A very cute one with lots and lots of hearts. Happy Valentines !!!!

  3. That's sooo funny!!

    I love those little books for your grandkids..they look great!

    It was great to have you at the speed scrap!! Your LO was sooo cute!