Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day Thirty-Five: A New Me

I feel much better today as I had been needing a haircut for quite a while. My husband wanted me to grow my hair, so I put off a haircut til I could no longer take it. My daughter seemed to like my hair too, but enough was enough.

I took a picture of me today after the haircut. When I get it cut, I get it blown out. But once I have to do it myself, I let it go curly. So this will look like this until I wake up tomorrow morning. Sometimes I can stretch it out another day, depending on how I sleep!!
It's nice to feel human again.


  1. Wonderful self portrait, Michelle! You have beautiful blue eyes. It always feel so good after a haircut!

    Have a great evening!

  2. You look great! What a fun shot!! :)

  3. You`re haircut looks great, it`s always good to get a new look :)

  4. You are such a beauty! Il ove this photo and your haircut!