Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day Two-Hundred Fourteen: Sarah Myrtle

Josie and her Cabbage Patch doll......Sarah Myrtle. (And, this was the day Stefanie came to spend the day in bed with me......til she went to her high school friend's party!)

Day Two-Hundred Fourteen: Swimming Lesson

My last day of the scavenger hunt. After chasing down an abacus, slip n slide, marbles and braces (that I never found!), I went to watch Mathew's swimming lesson.

Day Two-Hundred Thirteen: Maccabee

Love this picture of Maccabee on his new Rainbow playset, with Serena and Jonah in the background.

Day Two-Hundred Twelve: Photo Shoot

Trying again for Jonah's 6 month pictures. I loved the last session much better, but too "tilty".

Day Two-Hundred Eleven: Find a Policeman

These two great Edina policemen were such good sports, all in the name of a photo scavenger hunt. They even wanted to know what else I was looking for!

Day Two-Hundred Ten: Poor Michael

The past month had me totally addicted to a photo scavenger hunt. It has been so much fun. But my poor dh has been more than helpful, such as letting me paint his face for the "face painting" item!