Sunday, February 22, 2009

Day Fifty-Three: The Cold and a Thank You

Today happened to be a really beautiful day in Minnesota. The sun was shining, and it wasn't that cold (if you live in Minnesota!). I live in a suburb west of Minneapolis, and starting just a few miles from me and spanning for many suburbs and small towns west of me, is a beautiful lake.... Lake Minnetonka. In the summer the lake is filled with speed boats, luxury yachts, sailboats, and other watercraft.
In the winter, it is miles of ice and snow. That's when ice-fishing houses come out, trucks and cars riding on the ice, and snowmobilers on the lake.
For me, I'd rather be in my toasty warm house reading or playing with Photoshop. So today, when we were out, my dh stopped so I could take a picture of the ice houses, etc. Then I went home and played around with it on Photoshop....because it just looked too cold and barren for me!

And, a thank you for the tutorial today from Mily Photography. Though I have a long way to go, it was so much fun to play with my new-found tools. I used my granddaughter Josie's picture I took a few weeks ago to play with. Since I didn't take the photo today, I felt I shouldn't count it as today's picture.

I love our wonderful community and the sharing that goes on. Thank you.


  1. Great pictures, Michele!

    We have a lot of ice fishermen here, too! Great idea and the pic turned out great! Ever since the movie, Grumpy Old Men, that's what I think of when I see ice fishing (LOL)!

    Love what you did with Josie's picture - it's beautiful! I'll have to go check out the tut!

    Have a great week!

  2. Super pics and photo-shop tweaking.