Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day Thirty-Six: Just Ducky

I was busy all day, running around, doing some designing. So I ran around the house just now, taking pictures of everything I could find. My husband said he's waiting to see a photography show by me of household objects at the Walker Art Museum here!

Anyway.....I wasn't very inspired, I'm much too tired.

So, our upstairs bathroom is my "ducky" bathroom for the grandkids....this is not a flying duck. The duck is on the bathtub faucet.


  1. lol Not a flying duck, but it's cute!

  2. LOL! I tend to do the same thing if my usual subject (Adeline) isn't willing - I'll run around taking photos of random household objects and try to make them look interesting. :) Great shot!

  3. I love the angle of the photo. It's great......the colors are awesome too.

    I can see you running around the house with your camera. That happens here too since I started Project 365. DH is very amused when he sees me running around. LOL



  4. This is so much fun LOL! Your husband is hilarious too lol! I love ducks, I want to do our kids bathroom in them but we have frogs right now Cause Lily likes that they are sitting on Lily pads, kids huh lol!