Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day Sixty-Six, Sixty-Seven and Sixty-Eight

Day Sixty-Six: Zombies
All four cousins got together Saturday night at my Son's house. With the tv, or WII, we had Zombies on our hands. I loved this picture of Josie and Annalee.....I think it was all the color.

Day Sixty-Seven: My Two "Bookends"
I have four grandchildren: Sam, Annalee, Josie and Max. Since Sam is my oldest and Max my youngest, I call them "My Bookends".

Day Sixty-Eight: Goodbye Again
My daughter and her kids left Minneapolis Sunday afternoon. About 30 minutes away, my sil called to tell her to turn back because the roads were too dangerous to travel.
I was thrilled to have them another day! But, her friends, when they found out she turned back because of "weather", wanted to to know how bad the weather was here! Well, the weather here was great........so we're not sure where Cary's weather report came from.
So, here they are Monday morning, repacking the car, and leaving again.


  1. Great pictures!! Love the "bookend" one!!

    I gave you some awards on my blog if you'd like to get them. :)

  2. You have the cutest grand kids ever! These are awesome, I love that last photo! Has an emotive quality to it!