Monday, March 23, 2009

Day Eighty-Two: Baby Jonah

My friend's Jonah. I love going over and "practicing" baby photography. However, I'm afraid to move him around too much when he was sleeping, and his mother was upstairs!

I have been knitting hats for babies and kids, and wanted to try it out on Jonah. I got this one on him, and he seemed very happy to sleep away. However, when I tried to take it off, and try another, he woke up......and not in a good mood!


  1. Adorable baby and cute hat!

    My daughter has a series of "fruit" hats that she makes for babies - pumpkin, strawberry, blueberry, grape and lemon. Her blog is and on September 2, 2008 is a picture of the pumpkin hat.

  2. Sorry, it is I gave you two instead of too!