Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day Seventy: I'm a Lucky Girl

While I sit in my chair, with my laptop on my lap playing with Photoshop, this is what I see! My dh is vacuuming.

I am a lucky girl, I know that. He cooks, he cleans......all in is cute little gym socks! I, on the other hand, play on my computer and drive him crazy. That's what happens when an anal-retentive marries an ADD!

Although, I know he never believes me when I tell everyone, I feel sorrier for him. Though his perfectionism can drive me crazy (I usually just ignore him or laugh), he has to live with my messes and my "piles".

Could this be love?


  1. What a great husband to have, he is precious. ......I definitely think that it is love. I have three grand-daughters, no grandsons. I love the idea of your book-ends.

  2. MAN! I wish I could get my husband to do that!! Of course, I would probably go behind him and redo it! :)
    Great photo!!