Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day Eighty-Six, Eighty-Seven, Eighty-Eight, Eighty-Nine: Josie's Birthday Weekend

Day Eighty-Six: Annalee and Uncle Booter come to Iowa
My son, Howard (known as Booter to those who love him) and my granddaughter Annalee arrived in Iowa about 7:30 tonight.

Booter came up with the genius solution that the 3 girls....Annalee, Josie, and Grammy (me) all sleep in my king-size bed. I loved the idea, even tho' I got next to no sleep for 2 nights.

Day Eighty-Seven: Josie's Birthday
Happy birthday, Josie! Josie is 6 today, and it was quite a day.
As soon as they woke up, Annalee wanted Josie to open my present (the Hello Kitty). I say Annalee, because Josie doesn't care that much. But Annalee is the girly-girl!
My daughter and I took Josie and Annalee to the mall to get their nails done. Then was Josie's birthday party at the Build-a-Bear wanna-be at a different mall. There were about 12 girls. Everyone got to make an animal, there was cupcakes and presents. And it was a Hello Kitty theme.
When we went home (oh, after going to the grocery store to find all the ingredients), Booter made us a 4-course Asian dinner.....Singapore noodles, Shrimp in Lobster Sauce, Mongolian Beef and sticky rice. We invited some of Stefanie's friends over to join us. They have a daughter who is friends with Josie, and the 3 girls had a great time.

Day Eighty-Eight: Goodbye Again
This morning, Sunday, we took Booter and Annalee kicking and screaming to Sunday school. It turned out they all had fun.
Afterwards, we went to a mexican restaurant for lunch with friends. And then it was time to say goodbye again. Annalee tried everything to stay a day longer, since she had spring break this week. My son checked his work schedule, but he had a Monday morning client meeting, so they had to leave.
Day Eighty-Nine: VIP
Every child in Josie's class gets to be VIP for a week. It's usually around birthday time. So this week is Josie's week. Here she is with Mrs. Bromwich, her teacher putting on her crown.
They also bring in pictures for the class and post them on the bulletin board. Of course, we couldn't just bring in a bunch of photos. Oh no, Grammy made album pages for Josie......and they were a hit! Stefanie is on the left, pointing out what each of the pictures were. Mrs. Bromwich is on the right, with Josie next to her.

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