Monday, March 2, 2009

Day Fifty-Nine: Doing the Dishes

I'm two and a half days behind.

Beginning at the first day of our weekend together, we went to downtown Cedar Falls. Downtown is the cutest 6 blocks of stores I've ever seen, even in some very fancy towns around the U.S.

My son-in-law and I stayed with the kids at "Pursuing Picasso" painting "dishes". It was so much fun. I couldn't decide what to paint, and I couldn't resist a bank that was a giant egg with a baby dinosauer coming out of it! When I was getting the paint colors, I was picking out bright yellow, greens, purple....and I wanted bright orange for polka-dots on the purple dinosauer. The young girl's eyes got wide. I had to explain that I was really a little kid at heart!
Annalee made a pretty pot, Josie made a reindeer, Max made a gecko, and Sam made a dragon since he's into wizards and Harry Potter.


  1. How fun!!! And such a cute photo!
    You guys must be near my in-laws...they're in Cedar Rapids. :)

  2. Love those pottery painting places - such fun for everyone.