Saturday, January 17, 2009

Thank you to Sarah and Emma.
OMG....I cannot believe that I was given a blog award....and I got two of them! I am so honored, and from 2 unbelievable photographers that I have been learning so much from.
I always thought I loved photography.....but once I joined this challenge, I realized that really I was mainly taking snapshots (sometimes good ones by mistake) of my children, then my grandchildren. Although we are only 17 days into this. project....I love this. And the awards are just an unbelievable honor!
And, I have to say now, how much I love everyone who leaves me comments about my photos!

We need to list 5 things we are addicted to. Ok, here it goes...

1. It has to be my camera....expecially my new 40D.

2. My Keurig coffee machine, that makes my hazelnut coffee, and makes tea.

3. My laptop......mainly for pictures and scrapbooking.

4. Photoshop, because I can use it for actions, and I love actions.

5. Sweets.....any kind as long as it's sweet.

Now my Five people to receive this award are...

3. I don' know this person's name, but I love the photos:

Sorry,'re link didn't work when I tried it, hopefully this one will:


  1. Wow!~ Thanks so much for giving me an award!

  2. Congratualations!! You deserve're blog is great!
    I looove my Keurig, too! So does fact, I think it's what got him to start drinking coffee! LOL!