Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day Four: Color from Where I Sit

I love going to everyone' s blog and seeing the interesting concepts we all come up with. Yesterday I visited someone's blog that spoke of being in a challenge of shooting a picture exactly where you were sitting. At the time, I thought it was clever, but did not realize the idea with stick with me.

So today, sitting as I always do, in my red leather chair in our living room, the tv in front of me, my laptop on my lap and my camera next to me, I remembered this challenge.

In keeping with my color theme for the week, what I look at everyday as I work on my computer, talk on the phone, etc. is exactly what I decided to try photographing. The blogger said you couldn't move from where you were and you couldn't photograph your computer! I followed the rules as I remembered them.

This picture is the view everyday when I am home. It is my comfort, my inspiration.

*****If anyone knows whose blog this was that I read, and what challenge she was talking about it, please post it here. She should get credit for this great idea. I tried going back over what I looked at yesterday, but I didn't find it.


  1. What a great idea! Love all the color in your house, it is so cheerful! Thanks, I may try this!

  2. Wonderful photo!
    I love all those color! Can't wait to see more colorful photos!

  3. Excellent photo! I love all the color!

  4. OOOHH I love that painting! What an inspiring place to enjoy your computer. May haveto use this idea for my post tomorrow. :)

  5. I can tell you have a beautiful home just from the little glimpse!Your photos are going to be so much fun to follow!!

  6. What a great photo and I love the art on your walls !! WOW Oh, I have a thing for vases and yours are beautiful :) TFS!