Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day Seven: Night Color

I want a nice looking double-page layout for my first 2, I'm sticking with my inside color theme. Besides, it was barely snowing this morning, so I ran out with my camera trying to catch a snow picture. But......... as I said it was "barely" snowing, and I couldn't get the shot I wanted. Then it stopped snowing! You'd think in Minnesota I would have tons of fabulous snow shots, but nothing since January 1st.

So, this photo was taken lying on my bed......with my head facing the headboard. These are softer colors in the bedroom, tho not on purpose. The padded headboard comes in really handy when I lie in bed with my laptop. And the pictures above the bed is of my first grandchild, Sammy, when he was 1.....he's now 8. I found an old window frame at a flea market, repainted it.....and put in the pictures. And the quilt is one of the first I ever made. Tho' I have really bright ones that I love, this one is my actually sits on my bed over a denim comforter. It is made of different fabrics, and in the middle of the night I love to run my hands over all the textures. Did I mention ADD......not just bright colors, but I also love textures!


  1. Fabulous idea to stick to a theme, I've been so random so far I'm not sure how I'll ever make a layout work lol. Loved sharing a little piece of your world through your photo today!

  2. Love your ideas! Great photo and how creative with the window frame! We have an old one in our shed that would be a great candidate for that. Beautiful quilt - I love texture, too!

  3. This is so awesome, beautiful colors in your bedroom! Im a texture girl myself!