Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day Twenty-Nine: It's Strep!

It's been 7 days of high fever. It seems there is no advantage to having a doctor for a father. He kept saying as long as the fever responded to Tylenol and Motrin he would be fine. He even talked with the pediatrician and they agreed.
Meanwhile, my daughter found out that strep was going around his preschool. But of course, he didn't have a sore throat, nor was it red. At the doctor's today, it was me and my son-in-law and the pediatrician. They kind of pooh-poohed the strep idea. I kept saying that the only time I ever had strep, I had to force the doctor to take a culture, since I also had no symptoms (that the doctor could see), and sure enough, I had strep.

So they did a culture........and sure enough, Max has strep. Poor Max....suffered for so long. Hopefully amoxicillan will help him fast.

I forgot to take a picture when we were in the doctor's office, so I had Max stand in front of the pharmacy sign at the hospital.

The second picture is poor Max asleep on the sofa when we got home.


  1. Oh, he looks so miserable...I'm glad they (you) figured out what's wrong...hope it gets all cleared up quickly!

  2. Poor Max :( Strep is just the worst! I Hope he gets over it soon sweety!