Friday, June 12, 2009

Day One Hundred Sixty-Three: Badge of Honor

The kids are in town! I was so excited to see them.
This morning my daughter called from Iowa to say I should go looking at garage sales for a bike for Josie. I have a 16" bike in the garage she rode last year. But I guess she now is riding a 20". Stefanie thought I should find a 20" for here, and Max could have the 16" (he wasn't riding yet).

So I jumped into my car at 8:30 this morning, and went in search of garage sales. There weren't that many that I could find. One easy thing is all I had to do was to drive by, see no kids bikes in front and drive off.

Finally, I found one. It was a beauty. Bright pink, bought at a good bike store and only rode about 8 times (according to the mother). She didn't know what size it was but thought is was 20". It looked huge to me, and Josie is a very little 6 year old, but I bought it anyway.

Well, it's not a 20", but Josie learned to ride it right away. And Max learned to ride the 16" immediately.....pretty good for a 4 year old!

I thought my picture of the day was definitely going to be the two of them riding. But Josie fell, got a teensy cut and insisted on a band-aid. It had to be a Dora band-aid, and a special Mermaid Dora.

Once she was back outside on her bike, she insisted I take a picture of the band-aid, which I had told her was a badge of honor. And I realized that must be the picture of the day!

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