Monday, May 25, 2009

Day One-Hundred Forty-Two: On the Road

My daughter Stefanie and I drove from Cedar Falls, IA to Chicago. A five hour or so drive. We planned on stopping for dinner in Galena, IL which everyone says is so cute. (See Day 144).

Stefanie is driving, and we're on the main little highway we're taking when we get into Galena. I am just gushing. This is cute, oh look at how cute everything is, this is great, etc. But I don't see any restaurants. All of a sudden, we are out of Galena, on the little highway!

So, forget Galena, we'll stop at the next place we see. And we're starving.

About a half hour later, we see a "restaurant". When we drive up to it, it's deserted and looks like the Bates Motel! Forget that, no one can be that hungry!
We finally see "Antny's Good Food". The inside was very interesting with log walls and stairways.

I couldn't stop laughing, though. This was just like traveling with my husband. Oh, goody, I've never seen Nashville.... oh look a sign for.... in Nashville, oh let's get off here......oh, goodbye Nashville.

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